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July 20, 2016

ToiToiToi - Tools for Impact

The "TOI TOI TOI" project in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme has developed a range of web tools, which shall allow project coordinators to evaluate themselves, partner organisations and whole project consortia with a view to their capacity towards…

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June 17, 2016

Urban Agenda for the European Union adopted | Pact of Amsterdam

On 30. May 2016 an informal meeting of EU Ministers with responsibility for urban affairs took place in Amsterdam, at the initiative of the Dutch Presidency. During this meeting an "Urban Agenda for the EU", also called "Pact of Amsterdam",…

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June 16, 2016

LLL Platform invites applications for 2016 awards on creative and inclusive practices in education

The Award will celebrate educational practices from all over Europe that can demonstrate the use of creative and inclusive learning methods with outstanding results and the potential to be replicated and/or of inspiring others. The Award is not limited to…

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June 15, 2016

Recognition of informal and non-formal learning in Germany: Selected results of national monitoring

The German Federal Institute for Education and Training (BIBB) just published the results of a national monitoring on validation of informal and non-formal learning in Germany. The results are based upon a national survey, conducted in 2015. More than 850…

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June 02, 2016

Update: EILEEN launches award for innovative ideas and good practice in intercultural learning

EILEEN stands for Enhancing Intercultural Learning in European Enterprises. EILEEN is a 2-year project funded by ERASMUS+, which seeks to promote intercultural competences and a welcome culture in enterprises. The EU is making significant efforts to eliminate the barriers to…

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May 22, 2016

Webinar on Family Learning and Digital Citizenship

An interesting webinar on Family Learning and Digital Citizenship took place on 26 April 2016. More than twenty participants joined the webinar under the lead of Susannah Chambers, expert in Family Learning. This webinar, organised by School Education Gateway, explored…

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  • Help with challenges, share tips and good practice
  • Support the community towards developing more perspectives an issues and problems of lifelong learning
  • Help us to build shared knowledge resources, form knowledge-based alliances and strategic collaboration, all with a view to bringing project results into practice
  • Increase the visibility and relevance of project results
  • Expand your skills and expertise by learning from others' experience.
  • Enhance your professional reputation through visibility and recognition within the wider lifelong learning community
  • Get access to first-hand information, expertise, and good practice developed in lifelong learning initiatives and projects
  • Have fun of being with lifelong learning practitioners from all around the world.
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