Integrating past experiences into a better future. The Ecett learning method, Warsaw, December 2016.

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Georges van der Straten Tuesday, 26 April 2016 17:17

Please join us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ecett Network

Monday, December the 5th, 2016 Warsaw, CPB Monar-Markot, Marywilska 44a St.

Come, speak and listen to addiction therapists and social workers, coming from 10 European countries, who discovered good practices abroad and wish to share their experience with you. They will tell you all about the Ecett network and the MECETT learning method devoted to high level training in the spirit and values of the Journeymen philosophy. Their goal is to encourage continuous improvement of quality of service in the areas of youth, addiction and rehabilitation.

Keynote speakers : Jolanta Kczurowska, Monar , Thomas Fischer , Christopher Robbin  For all details please see: