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  • Andrea Spila

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  • Carme ROYO

    About me: Executive Director of EUCEN since July 2008. In this position, on the one hand I work with the Steering Committee of EUCEN in...

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  • Chahira Nouira

    Country: Germany

    Interests: Bridging the Worlds of Education and Work, Creativity and Innovation, E-Learning, Education Transition,...

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  • Featured


    About me: Researcher, Institute of Education Sciences - Romania

    Country: Romania

    Interests: Creativity and Innovation, Education...

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  • Claudia Amorim

    About me: Teacher Trainer in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Country: Brazil

    Interests: Basic skills and Key Competences, Bridging the Worlds...

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  • Discuss Community

    About me: DISCUSS Team

    Country: Germany


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    administrator owner
  • g8way project

    Project Title: g8way - enhanced gateway to educational transition

    About the Project: the g8way project developed web 2.0 tools, which...

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  • Georges van der Straten

    Type of Organisation: Education | Training

    Country: Belgium

    Thematic Areas: Basic skills and Key Competences, Creativity and...

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  • Featured

    Georgiana Giba

    31 Friends
  • Graham Attwell

    About me: Graham Attwell is a researcher and developer working for POntydysgu in Wales

    Country: Germany

    Interests: Bridging the...

    12 Friends
  • Inge Roeniger

    About me: PhD student at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3), Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Working on my dissertation...

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  • Jan Knoppers

    Country: Germany

    Interests: Validation of Informal Learning

    City: München

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