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    Magdalena Balica

    About me: Researcher in education and learning

    Country: Romania

    Interests: Basic skills and Key Competences, Bridging the Worlds...

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  • Marga

    Country: Germany

    Interests: Creativity and Innovation

    City: somehting

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  • Marite

    Type of Organisation: Education | Training

    About us:

    Country: Latvia

    Thematic Areas: Creativity and Innovation, E-Learning,...

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  • Mihaela Tabacaru

    Type of Organisation: Business

    About us:

    Country: Norway

    Thematic Areas: Basic skills and Key Competences, Bridging the...

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  • Mirca Martin

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    About me: English teacher

    Country: Germany

    Interests: Bridging the Worlds of Education and Work, Language Skills


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    Nefeli Dimopoulou

    About me: BA in Statistics and Insurance Sciences, MSc in International Business from Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany. She...

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