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To keep senior citizens up with the times, several Nordic countries are currently debating a proposal to send them back to school. “To prepare ourselves for the future we need to think out of the box,” writes Nordic Council rapporteur Poul Nielson. Nordic Council ministers will weigh in on Nielson’s proposal in November.

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Michael This will be the theme of a forthcoming Learning Cities Network ( event in Melbourne on 30 November, and we are generating much data on learning behaviours in later life here in Glasgow within the Urban Big Data Centre ( survey of 1600 households. Loading content, please wait. 8 years ago
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What initiatives could drive senior citizens learning...

Few projects managed to be visible enough to have a clear impact on trans-national policies in the area of elder learning. However, different initiatives, including EU funded projects, promoted many innovative ideas in this field. It is just a barrier related to information or there are other issues preventing us to learn from these positive experiences?

Senior Citizen Learning

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