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"I'm currently working on the VINCE project, which aims at overcoming the manifold barriers refugees face when entering into HEI. The focus of our proj..." by Andora
3 months ago
"<3" by Sofia Mastrokoukou
5 months ago
"Hi Xabier, a quick hint. When you put www. in front of the web address, a preview of the website is fetched into DISCUSS. For example:" by Randolph
1 year ago
"I agree with your point Randolph, it does seem that the aim of the passport is low cost low level validation. I am also very sceptical about the appli..." by Xenia Chronopoulou
2 years ago
"After reading the background papers I really wonder how this instrument is supposed to function within national validation systems. Its originators (..." by Randolph
2 years ago
"Ok, this is an EU tool, nice to have some feedback because we use it as input for our own tool. " by Natassa
2 years ago
"Hi Natassa, Isabell tested the demo version of the "EU skills profile tool for third country nationals". Isabell is expert on the development of onlin..." by Randolph
2 years ago
"Thanks Randolph for disseminating our work. I suppose that your colleague tested the online questionnaire, which is not a tool, it is just a preparato..." by Natassa
2 years ago
"Hi Natassa, I circulated this information to VINCE partners. Here's a first comment from Isabell Grundschober (University Krems): Just tried it out, ..." by Randolph
2 years ago
"Just reading the German translation of the "booklet" ;)" by Randolph
3 years ago