• In today's digital age, access to quality education and training is crucial for the empowerment and success of young individuals, particularly those who face barriers to employment. Recognizing this need, the consortium of ENTER project has announced the development of the ENTER e-Learning Platform. This dynamic and powerful tool aims to provide free access to comprehensive information, materials, and training programs, revolutionizing the way youth NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and other stakeholders engage with educational content and pursue their career goals.

    The primary motivation behind the creation of the ENTER e-Learning Platform is to consolidate all project-related resources and materials in one organized and accessible location. This centralized hub ensures that all users, including youth people, workers, and individuals outside the partnership, can freely benefit from the vast range of content and training opportunities offered. The platform's scope extends beyond the project timeline, allowing continuous access to materials even after its conclusion.

    The platform encompasses content modules, learning modules, evaluation modules, and communication modules, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. In particular the e-learning platform contains 12 webinars divided in two main fields: Digital Skills Webinars and Entrepreneurial skills Webinars. 

    With the platform the material are available to other youth people or workers outside the partnership during the project, but also after the end of the project. Finally the platform offers many tools for evaluation of the partcipants and the ability to be reused, upgraded and personalized to other group needs in the future.

    This platform integrated set of interactive online services that provide youth NEETs and others involved in the project (as youth workers) or interested about the topic, tools and resources to support the entrance of young people in employment and address demands of local communities or groups. In addition the platform supports content modules, learning modules, evaluation modules, and communication modules. 


    Key Components and Features

    1. Structured e-Learning Courses: Educational materials from Results 1 & 2 webinars will be adapted into structured asynchronous e-learning courses. By structuring the content in this manner, the platform enables continuous access to the materials beyond the project's duration, thereby enhancing the platform's sustainability.

    2. Collaborative Connections: The ENTER e-Learning Platform aims to foster connections with other platforms and organizations working towards complementary goals. By establishing relationships with platforms such as Salto Youth, the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Tinkercad, 3D Printing Industry, and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the ENTER platform expands its reach and offers additional guidance and resources to its users.

    3. Accessibility and Inclusivity: The design of the e-Learning Platform adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). This commitment ensures that youth with disabilities can fully engage with the platform's content, removing barriers and promoting inclusivity. Furthermore, regular updates and the expansion of materials aim to increase the number of beneficiaries and the long-term sustainability of the platform.


    The ENTER e-Learning Platform promises to revolutionize the way youth NEETs and other stakeholders access educational resources and training opportunities. By providing a centralized hub for information, materials, and training programs, the platform empowers young individuals to acquire essential skills, enhance employability, and contribute to the demands of their local communities. With its commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability, the ENTER e-Learning Platform holds the potential to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of countless young people around the world.

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  • In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, it is essential to bridge the gap between youth NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and the wider market. Recognizing this need, the Partnership of the ENTER project has devised a creative Digital Hub as the fourth result of the project. By implementing webinars and nurturing the growing creative and entrepreneurial spirit, the Social Entrepreneurial Digital Hub aims to connect, communicate, engage, and collaborate. This article explores the key features and objectives of this innovative platform.