Zoe Batsi

Zoe Batsi

Tuesday, 28 February 2023 18:36

"My Smart School"

"My Smart School" is an Erasmus+ project which aims to improve the quality of education and develop innovative resources and digital tools useful for enhancing distance teaching and learning in general. After two years of methodical work, the three outputs of the project are now ready and available to the general public who want to make use of them.

In particular, the first output offers detailed online courses for teachers, aims to help them to approach distance learning and especially those who were not particularly familiar with digital tools, thanks to its detailed guide on how to use the MYSS online platform and all its functionalities. The second output is the online learning platform "My Smart School" which offers a new teaching approach and promotes collaborative and student-centred learning. The students who used it were completely satisfied with its ease of use and the innovative tools it offers. Finally, the third output, "Teachers' diaries and recommendations", produced a handbook of good practices in which teachers from all partner countries shared their experiences on digital education, contributing to the creation of a new teaching approach and a teamwork mode of collaboration.

You can find all of the My Smart School outputs available on the project’s website:  https://myss-project.eu/


Faville Project has successfully been concluded in November 2021 addressing effectively its aim, which was to enhance the quality standards of facilitation in virtual learning environments and to provide skills and competences that facilitators of virtual learning need to develop or improve. The partnership produced:

  • A modular e-learning programme for virtual learning facilitators that provides the technical and pedagogical knowledge, skills, and competences for effective facilitation.
  • The FAVILLE application that includes individual facilitation methods and examples of their use and an easy-to-use function to select appropriate methods according to the end user’s needs (accessible at https://favilleapp.ht-apps.eu/ )
  • A framework for validating skills and competences for obtaining professional qualifications for those facilitators who have acquired their skills, knowledge and competences outside the formal learning process in non-formal and informal learning.

All the above results were tested by over 150 participants, who evaluated positively the outputs. Check some testimonials from the participants in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjUwRqMvIkk&t=3s.