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Building professional online identities

Building professional online identities

Defining who you are and how to show up in the world of business and work

  • This group is dedicated to the topic of building professional online identities in the 21st century. Identity building in a fast changing world has become a key skill. Personal and professional identities for centuries have been built around a relatively small range of social relations, which by and large showed persistent over time, such as family, peers, school-mates or co-workers. However, with the availability of new communication technologies (that enable us to virtually connect with anybody in the world), the fast growing differentation of educational pathways and opportunities (that require us to continuously adapt to new learning communities), the dramatic change of job requirements and career patterns (that not only require us to transform into lifelong learners, but to continously cross the borders of our professions and, engage ourselves across diverse communities of practice), the building of identities has become a complex and challenging enterprise.

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