Apprenticeship HUBs in Agro-Food Sector

Apprenticeship HUBs in Agro-Food Sector

Apprenticeship HUBs proposes the creation of Hubs for the agro-food industry, to promote...


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Transnational Conference in Rome
Associated event with the European Vocational Skills Week 2020
21st of October 2020 – 10.00/13.30 CET

The partners of project are happy to invite you to attend the blended conference (event in Rome and online), where the project and its preliminary results will be presented. The conference focuses on quality of work-based learning and presents for the first time the developed mechanism for tracking VET students and graduates of work-based learning schemes.

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The Erasmus+ project DESSA, aims at developing soft skills of students who are doing their apprenticeships by using gamification and the help of a natural mentor:
Can gamification also be used in apprenticeships in the agrofood sector? Can a natural mentor also be aplied in small agricaltural companies?
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Virtual apprenticeships! Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck Europe and the rest of the world and since quarantine was enforced in most countries, apprenticeships stopped being deployed. A solution found was to conduct aprenticeships on line and call them Virtual Apprenticeships. But how will virtual apprenticeships impact the students? Can they also be applied in the agrofood sector? Time will only say...

Apprenticeships in the Agriculture sector in Greece are offered by EPAS VET schools and are supervised exclusively by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.
Apprenticeships in Vocational Training Schools (SEK) were foreseen to replace the EPAS scheme but due to low interest, they were permanently abolished.
Apphubs project aims to enhance the participation of agricultural SMEs in offering apprenticeship positions, by offering them online tools and by establishing apprenticeship HUBs in 4 EU countries.
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