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TCCVET Community of teachers

TCCVET Community of teachers

Towards a continuous cycle of digital literacy learning for VET teachers

  • TCC VET is an Erasmus+ project, that will contribute directly to the professional development of VET TEACHERS, providing them with some digital and interactive tools in order to improve their lessons by using modern technology. Furthermore, the project will support teachers in fully understanding HOW to use these tools effectively in the classroom, by giving them guidelines.
    Project's outputs are a Teacher Toolbox, which includes a short presentation of 17 digital tools, a Teacher Manual, that describes each tool and its usage through pictorials, a Strategic Roadmap Logbook which is an action plan for VET teachers in order to guide them on how to discover the benefits of the digitalisation and to feel confident enough to integrate digital tools to their teaching. Last but not least, an Online Community & Platform has been developed in order to train teachers in using digital tools.
    For more details, visit our website: http://tccvet.com/

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