• Andora

    Location: Berlin (Berlin, Deutschland)

    Country: Deutschland

    Interests: Education Transition, Intergenerational Learning, Senior...

    8 Freunde
  • Carme ROYO

    Location: Barcelona (Spain)

    Country: Spanien

    About me: Executive Director of EUCEN since July 2008. In this position, on the one...

    11 Freunde
  • ecvet-permit

    0 Freunde
  • Elena Kassow

    Country: Deutschland

    About me: Mentor

    Interests: Basic skills and Key Competences, Bridging the Worlds of Education and Work,...

    0 Freunde
  • g8way project

    Country: Deutschland

    Project Title: g8way - enhanced gateway to educational transition

    About Project: the g8way project developed...

    2 Freunde
  • Empfohlen

    Georgiana Giba

    31 Freunde
  • ICOVET project

    Country: Deutschland

    Project Title: icovet

    About Project: The project has developed a validation tool, which can be used to make...

    1 Freund
  • Jan Knoppers

    Country: Deutschland

    Interests: Validation of Informal Learning

    5 Freunde
  • Empfohlen

    Lesley Doyle

    Country: Großbritannien (Vereinigtes Königreich)

    About me: I am a senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow. My research interests...

    9 Freunde
  • Empfohlen

    Liudvika Balcytiene

    Location: Kaunas (Kaunas, Litauen)

    6 Freunde
  • Marga

    Country: Deutschland

    Interests: Creativity and Innovation

    7 Freunde

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