• Admin

    Country: Deutschland

    About me: Randolph Preisinger-Kleine since 1998 is Senior manager of Praxis und Wissenschaft Projekt, an...

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  • Andora

    Location: Berlin (Berlin, Deutschland)

    Country: Deutschland

    Interests: Education Transition, Intergenerational Learning, Senior...

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  • Brendan Marcus

    Location: Paris (France)

    Country: Frankreich

    Interests: Basic skills and Key Competences, Bridging the Worlds of Education and...

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  • Carme ROYO

    Location: Barcelona (Spain)

    Country: Spanien

    About me: Executive Director of EUCEN since July 2008. In this position, on the one...

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  • Chris

    Location: Greece ( )

    Country: Griechenland

    Interests: Bridging the Worlds of Education and Work, E-Learning

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  • Empfohlen


    Country: Rumänien

    About me: Researcher, Institute of Education Sciences - Romania

    Interests: Creativity and Innovation, Education...

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  • Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands

    Location: Nikaia (Piraeus, Greece)

    Country: Griechenland

    Type of Organisation: Non-governmental

    Thematic Areas:Intercultural...

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  • Cristina Costa

    10 Freunde
  • David Imber

    Location: Exeter (UK)

    Country: Großbritannien (Vereinigtes Königreich)

    About me: Perspective Project Member. Principal of VRC...

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  • Elmo

    Location: Mondavio (PU, Italia)

    Country: Italien

    Type of Organisation: Education | Training

    Thematic Areas:Basic skills and...

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  • Erin Straka

    Location: Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V.

    Country: Deutschland

    Interests: Basic skills and Key Competences, Creativity and...

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  • Francesca Uras

    Location: Barcelona (Barcelona, Provinz Barcelona, Spanien)

    Country: Spanien

    About me: Project Officer at eucen - European...

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