default Learning and Training for Social Entrepreneurship. European Approach

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This report has been elaborated in the framework of SETTLE project and contains relevant information related to training for social entrepreneurship.
The report has been elaborated from December 2015 to April 2016 by the SETTLE partnership. Paper authors used both qualitative and quantitative techniques.

The qualitative research involved mainly an analysis of scientific articles, official statistics, reports and online materials, while the quantitative research consisted of a series of interviews with experts in training on social entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurs and experts about the topic.

The main objective of this report is analyse the state of the art of training for social entrepreneurship in different European countries and the use in a ICT environment to promote skills for social entrepreneurship. The results will help us to understand better the training environment for social entrepreneurship in Europe and will enrich the development of SETTLE project, mainly the development of the main Intellectual Outputs.

Thus, SETTLE partnership have analysed two main areas related to the project:

  • Social entrepreneurship culture: the environment in which social entrepreneurs are living and working: support to social entrepreneurship, policies, social actors involvement, networking possibilities, etc.
  • Training for social entrepreneurship: training/learning initiatives to encourage and promote entrepreneurship, especially the informal training initiatives intended to promote these “soft” skills for entrepreneurship.
  • Finally, we have included 16 training initiatives and practices of social entrepreneurship (case studies), as inspirational resources for our future learning platform development