pdf Can organisations learn to learn?

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Although the concept of the ‘learning organisation’ has acquired paradigmatic status in recent years, there are very few approaches which help us to have a better understanding of how organisations learn. If we take a look at the few available diagnoses, the picture tends to be rather dismal. Quite in contrast to rhetorical proclamations, the learning behaviour of real organisations consists of abstinence.

By restricting learning to an increase in knowledge of rules, organisations relinquish the possibility of acquiring additional flexibility and autonomy and of getting a better understanding of their own learning behaviour. It is true that some unconventional forms of the learning required develop in niches, but precisely for that reason they lack relevance for the average organisation.

The aim of the article is to discuss possible gaps in this issue and to propose solutions. The approach is an ecological broadening of perspectives, in particular taking into consideration the strategic potential of learning regions, as a background for the emergence of additional learning option for organisations.