default Local accountability for adult learning and skills: a community perspective

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Local accountability is high in the current policy narrative: it is an essential element of the public service reform agenda. It sits alongside the much used phrase, ‘double devolution’, with Whitehall passing power locally and local councils in turn passing it on to local communities. It complements local democratic accountability. Many learning providers are thinking about what it means for them: with the new freedoms and flexibilities of
funding and regulations comes responsibility to local communities.
NIACE, on behalf of the Local Government Association (LGA), is working with councils and their partners to develop a new local vision for learning and skills in the changing world: building on what’s already there and identifying best practice alongside policy blocks.
We wanted to explore what local accountability for adult learning and skills, in its widest sense, looks like from the perspective of local community organisations rather than providers. This is different from the organisational accountability that a provider has to its current learners and it’s more than a consultation exercise: it’s about local people and stakeholders shaping local adult learning and skills provision ...