default Intergenerational Learning and Active Ageing

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This report provides an exploration of the theme of Intergenerational Learning and its contribution to active ageing in general and to promoting European Union policies in this regard. It presents the context in which Intergenerational Learning activities develop in Europe and examines some samples of practice from the field. It has been produced as the result of a study carried out between June and September 2012 at the request of the European Network for Intergenerational Learning.

The report represents the third major product of the Network, after an online platform with various tools and a conceptual document defining intergenerational Learning. The findings of the report will be used in the development of Peer Learning Activities and for advocacy purposes in the years to come.

To carry out the analysis, a team of four experts in the field of adult education investigated and considered the contribution of Intergenerational Learning approach and activities to active ageing, intergenerational solidarity and social cohesion in Europe. The report presents the findings and conclusions of the study followed by a set of recommendations on the ways in which the Intergenerational Learning could be used and promoted by European institutions, national authorities, the European Network for Intergenerational Learning and practitioners at large. It also attempts to show how Intergenerational Learning could contribute to the implementation of European policies, including the Renewed Agenda for Adult Learning.

This Report has been written for ENIL by Franck Dantzer, Helen Keogh, Fiona Sloan and Radu Szekely.