default LLWings Competency Framework: Teacher competences required to translate “Learning to Learn” into daily school practice


This document presents the competence framework developed within the LLwings project and the research, analysis and brainstorming process conducive to its development. The document includes 4 sections:
1. Overall approach, describing the approach adopted to develop the competence framework in such a way to match LLwings concepts and objectives and supply added value, whilst being theoretically grounded and research-based;
2. Background analysis, which provide a short analysis of the material analysed in the research phase of the project, including
a. Elements emerging from the analysis of the practices collected through work package 3;
b. Literature, policy documents and additional material analysed (including existing competence frameworks and supporting documents)
3. Introduction to the LLwings competence framework, presenting the LLwings competence framework developed based on the analysis above and introducing a set of four competences which occupy a key position in the framework and have been selected as the object of dedicated LLwings training modules in the e-learning system for teachers.