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pdf A place for learning: Putting learning at the heart of citizenship, civic identity and community life

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The core idea is that a city mobilises behind a culture of learning supported by schools, colleges, libraries, museums, workplaces, and youth/community/civic organisations. Learners of all ages access ‘passion driven’ opportunities through a technology platform which guides them to relevant learning in the city and online and supports achievement through open digital badges (an online and shareable recognition of learning). The Royal Society of Arts has a Cities of Learning project and is raising awareness of the approaches being developed in America using the LRNG platform. RSA report explaining how a small city could develop a strategy to enable it to move towards a city of learning.

pdf Future of Learning: Foresight Study

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The future of learning project created a number of learner personas & scenarios to show how people at different stages of their life in different circumstances and with different learning needs, interests and ambitions might seek and access opportunities and be helped to learn. These examples help us visualise the sorts of infrastructures, opportunities and forms of support that we might associate with a city that supports and encourages all of its citizens in their lifelong / lifewide learning enterprises.

pdf Local Learning Ecosystems - Emerging Models, WISE Innovation Unit, 2019

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Local Learning Ecosystems_ Emerging Models, WISE-Innovation Unit, 2019.pdf