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As globalisation continues to confront the European Union with new challenges, each citizen will need a wide range of key competences to adapt flexibly to a rapidly changing and highly interconnected world. Education in its dual role, both social and economic, has a key role to play in ensuring that Europe’s citizens acquire the key competences needed to enable them to adapt flexibly to such changes.

The main aims of the Reference Framework are to:

  1. identify and define the key competences necessary for personal fulfilment, active citizenship, social cohesion and employability in a knowledge society;
  2. support Member States’ work in ensuring that by the end of initial education and training young people have developed the key competences to a level that equips them for adult life and which forms a basis for further learning and working life, and that adults are able to develop and update their key competences throughout their lives;
  3. provide a European-level reference tool for policy-makers, education providers, employers, and learners themselves to facilitate national- and European-level efforts towards commonly agreed objectives;
  4. provide a framework for further action at Community level both within the Education and Training 2010 work programme and within the Community Education and Training Programmes.