pdf UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning: Unlocking the Potential of Urban Communities - Case Studies of Twelve Learning Cities

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Published in 2015 by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), Hamburg, and the National Institute for Lifelong Education of the Republic of Korea (NILE), Seoul | © UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Edited by Raúl Valdes-Cotera, Norman Longworth, Katharina Lunardon, Mo Wang, Sunok Jo and Sinéad Crowe

Enabling people to continue learning throughout their lives has become a priority for communities the world over. This is largely due to a growing awareness that lifelong learning – a holistic, inclusive and sector-wide approach to learning – is crucial not just for individuals’ well-being, but indeed for the future of society. With their high population densities and complex infrastructures, cities offer particularly favourable conditions for

making lifelong learning opportunities available to all of their citizens. Enhancing and expanding such opportunities is at the heart of the learning city approach.

This publication brings together the diverse experiences of twelve cities as they work towards the target of providing lifelong learning for all: Melton (Australia), Sorocaba (Brazil), Beijing (China), Bahir Dar (Ethiopia), Espoo (Finland), Cork (Ireland), Amman (Jordan), Mexico City (Mexico), Ybycuí (Paraguay), Balanga (Philippines), Namyangju (Republic of Korea) and Swansea (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).