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Randolph Preisinger-Kleine / Rebecca Kloza

Digital literacy for migrants: Case study on multiplicator seminars, conducted within the framework of the European UPTAKE ICT project

December 2016

This case study has been produced within the framework of the European UPTAKE ICT project, which promotes actions, to analyse the impact of ICT in a fast changing world and, to build contents and instruments for digital inclusion.

The project with support of the European Union has developed a Mooc-enhanced course program, addressing a broad range of ICT-related  skills and competences, needed to meet the demands of the digital society. The course program comprises a set of modular learning units, suitable for novice, advanced and experienced learners. It offers lessons on the use of computers, search engines and email services, how to use social media and build websites, but also how to program mobile applications. To name only a few.

In the case study we present the first findings from a series of trainings conducted in Germany. The purpose was to test and evaluate the course program with regard to its fitness for purpose, that is its effectiveness towards digital inclusion and digital literacy.