pdf Connecting Learning across School and Out-of-School Contexts: A Review of Pedagogical Approaches


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Understanding and promoting learning across school and out-of-school contexts are given an increased attention in recent educational research and practice. Children and young people spend considerable time in out-of-school learning settings. Whether it be outside in the park playing with friends, fishing with an uncle, taking part in everyday family chores, or engaging in virtual communities, these everyday learning environments form a rich and complex learning ecology within which children build a variety of experiences, competencies, and interests (Barron, 2006; Ito et al., 2013; Kumpulainen, Krokfors, Lipponen, Tissari, Hilppö, & Rajala, 2010; Erstad & Sefton-Green, 2013). But to what extent and how do schools recognize, value and build on young people’s out-of-school learning and interests? And if they do so, for what reasons? These questions are of great importance for present day research in learning and education, and the core focus of this chapter.