The climate challenge and its effects, increasingly evident in our daily lives, demand action at all levels. Despite the direct impact felt by everyone, EU data indicates a declining trend in individual responsibility towards climate action. The Special Eurobarometer on Climate Change, published by the EC in June 2023, highlights that more than three quarters (77%) of EU citizens think climate change is a very serious problem at this moment. However, when asked who should fight it, citizens point to the responsibility of national governments (56%), the EU (56%) and business and industry (53%), being only a 35% those that hold themselves personally responsible. Considering age alone, the data show that those over 55 take less individual responsibility and take fewer actions in their daily lives, compared to younger citizens, especially the 25-39 age group, who are the most active. It is important to highlight that citizens over 55 represent a 20% of total population in Europe, high percentage that climate action measures cannot leave behind. But other socio-demographic factors also play a role. Thus, those with lower education levels, lower income levels, or who consider themselves lower class or lower middle class are the least aware and active.

In this context, Media Creativa is leading, with the support of Drosostalida (Greece) and Business Foundation for Education (Bulgaria) the Erasmus+ project B-GLOCAL, with the aim of addressing this issue by prioritizing environmental protection and the fight against climate change education. We focus on creating innovative and motivating local learning spaces for adults, fostering grassroots actions that contribute from the local to the global level. By mobilizing citizens, B-Glocal seeks to empower individuals to take meaningful action in combating climate change and protecting the environment.

B-Glocal creates three main resuts:

  • An online platform with educational resources for vulnerable adults, with microlearning modules and 40 challenges to motivate awareness raising, skills development and behaviour changes.
  • National face-to-face workshops with adults over 55 from vulnerable settings, to promote competences improvement so they become active agents in the green transition.
  • Transnational workshop with adults’ educators and trainers to facilitate professional exchange of experiences and promotion of climate change and environmental protection good practices.

The project started on 1st February 2024 and lasts 16 months.

 We invite you to stay tuned and visit our site and social media for further information!