TANDEM | Flexible pathways connecting VET and HE

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Globalisation dictates that EU2020 will only succeed if member states bring out the best of people and their potential and extend education opportunities for all people. TANDEM is designed to contribute to the debate on reform by drawing lessons from already existing good practices of consortiums' partners and strengthening the connection between policymakers and practitioners, business and educational community. The title, TANDEM, intends to emphasize the synchrony and efficiency of business, VET and HE actors by acting together for high quality VET aligned with regional and global labour market demands to proactively respond to emerging skills shortages.

The project builds up upon the demands, analysis and good practices of consortium partners and advocates for flexible modular pathways across education systems and more differentiation regarding the level of education with the aim to drive change and support the policy shift from a local, limited response, towards anticipating, and managing systemic changes. TANDEM will provide quality and accuracy practicalities and expertise that are proven, relevant, credible and reliable worked out by the actors (partners) with influence in terms affecting and being affected.

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Διαβάστηκε 6656 φορές

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    Whether you are a VET or HE institution, we invite you to take part in the TANDEM stocktaking survey on how to widen access to higher education in order to include a greater variety of “non-traditional student” groups. Follow this link to complete the questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/0TFel2kv0e

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