The project Promoting creativity microbusiness though web tools in rural area (MicroHUB)  was created as a response to the current economic and social crisis caused by COVID - 19. Although the crisis has undoubtedly affected all areas, one of the sectors most affected has been craft and the arts. The MicroHUB project aims to help entrepreneurs, artists and craftspeople to take full advantage of today's technology while teaching them business creative thinking. It aims to help existing micro-businesses or build new ones to be competitive and efficient in both national and foreign markets, while helping to reduce unemployment and revitalise the economy.

In the first phase of the project, an analysis will be made of the competences and skills that are needed for craftsmen and artists to set up or run a successful business. In particular, the focus will be on digital skills and creative entrepreneurial thinking. Digital skills are a prerequisite needed in the current Industry 4.0 era. Creative entrepreneurial thinking will be promoted on the basis of the EntreComp, the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, a tool for improving the entrepreneurial capacities of European citizens and organisations developed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. The final product of the analysis will be a Competence Matrix for Digital entrepreneurship and business creative thinking for crafters. On the basis of the Competence Matrix, training modules for educational staff will be developed. The training modules will be designed to enable educators to work with the challenges posed by digitalisation and to teach in a project-oriented way. A digital platform will be created on which micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from rural areas can collaborate, network or promote their products. At the end of the project, crafters and artisans will have mentors to guide them and help them improve their business skills or adapt their business model.

Capacity building will be supported through the development of digital and entrepreneurial skills and competences of craftspeople and artists. They will acquire new skills and competences that will enrich their professional lives, help them in the labour market and provide new opportunities. The creation of new businesses will be encouraged, helping to revitalise the economy in the post-Covida era.

The project is a collaboration between partners from Slovakia (Technical University of KoŇ°ice), Malta (IIF), Ireland (I&F), Poland (CWEP), Bulgaria (OECOM), Sweden (Sensus) and Greece (Fix in Art).

For more information see: https://microhub.erasmus.site/