Including persons from vulnerable groups in Lifelong Learning | 32 Best Practice Examples

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dimanche, 22 mai 2016 02:51
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The Erasmus+ partnership ON THE MOVE just released a best practice guide on how to reach out to and include persons from vulnerable groups in the world of Lifelong Learning. The publication is based on reviews of more than 100 European projects, providing outreach educational guidance and low-threshold learning opportunities.

A major aim of the project is to make staff in counselling and educational institutions in Europe aware of "alternative approaches (predominantly of the outreach kind) bringing educationally remote and low-qualified people to further education and will implement these in their countries".

The authors note that "outreach for guidance and learning offers in general is a new field of work for professionals in adult education. These approaches therefore are a field of cutting edge innovation; professionals and institutions that are already in service with these approaches are pioneers and still rare. To disseminate this pioneering work, ON THE MOVE collected and selected best practice examples of outreach educational guidance and low-threshold learning opportunities."


Source: On the Move

Link to best-practice-guide




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