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CommonS - Common Spaces for Collaborative Learning

Andrea Spila Scritto da
Sabato, 04 Luglio 2015 18:36
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The CommonS project aims at the development of Common Spaces, an international co-learning and e-mentoring Community of Practice (CoP) dedicated to improving the employability skills and work opportunities of participants and reducing the gap existing between the academic world and the labour market, by means of appropriately remixed and localised OERs, i.e. Open Educational Resources freely available to everyone.

Participants (university lecturers, graduate and postgraduate students, young and senior professionals, vocational trainers, unemployed people looking for a job) will take on different and flexible roles (mentor, mentee, tutor, supervisor) within the CoP, in which they will collaborate in various activities, all aimed at the improvement of employability.

Programme: Erasmus+ Program
Implementation period: 2014 - 2016
Promoter: Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy
Website:  CommonS

Source: Website "CommonS"


Letto 5831 volte
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