Developing soft skills through apprenticeships - DESSA

Developing soft skills through apprenticeships - DESSA

DESSA project aims to develop an apprenticeship scheme for the acquisition of soft skills by...


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My soft skills after three months of internship

In this particular situation of a mostly remote internship I have developed and nurtured a different set of soft skills from the one I imagined at the beginning or even when I applied for this opportunity. For example, interactions with the rest of the team were less likely to become small talks, which in a way helped me going straight to the point with my messages: before the internship, I would go around something for too long maybe. Then I learned to manage time, and not let time manage me: working from home may lead to you never really stop working, while I believe it is very important (and I have experienced this firsthand) to take more breaks than what I would normally allow me to take. Another aspect that I believe it has been very important for this internship has been proactiveness: behind the screen of Teams' chatrooms, it is very easy to get lost or to simply remain passive, while on the other hand it's very important to...
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The PACT YOJTH project is an example of how the soft skills can be developed.
The joint proposal sets a target of 1 million young Europeans, to have the opportunity to take part in tailored quality mobility schemes by 2020.

For an apprenticeship period to be effective, the apprentice requires that the training provided is adequate. For example, the trainer needs to be familiar with local legislation governing work-based learning and apprenticeships. I will consider as an example the Malta WBL & Apprenticeship Act (enacted in 2017). The law provides a list of rights and obligations of sponsors hosting apprentices and includes parameters governing the whole apprenticeship period.…

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There is broad consensus in Europe that apprenticeships can be an efficient way of addressing labour market imbalances. Thus, the European Commission’s communication, Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes (2012) identified quality apprenticeships and other forms of work-based learning as a strategic priority. The European Commission also manages the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA).…

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Open Badget is a project that develop the soft skills
The target group of the project is low-skilled, long-standing unemployed persons and unemployed persons with obstacles have no full awareness of the importance of soft skills and how these skills with proper validation can contribute to their job opportunities. We want to involve especially low-skilled employeesin order to evaluate their competences in the way of looking for a new opportunity in the labour market.

The project will produce three core intellectual outputs that are:

IO1 Apprenticeship scheme for the development of soft skills and competences
A scheme for apprenticeship implementation oriented to the acquisition of soft skills and competences which is based on gamification and natural mentoring elements. The apprenticeship scheme includes theoretical foundation and guiding principles for the design, implementation and evaluation of apprenticeship programme for the development of soft skills and competences.

Apprentices Guide: A Guide To Develop Your Soft Skills During Your Apprenticeship!
In this training guide apprentices can find ten assignments which will give them the opportunity to develop their soft skills, gain valuable experience in a real working field environment and ultimately grow as a professional.

IO2 Trainers’ guide
A guide for trainers, in VET organisations and companies, to support the design, implementation, management, evaluation and validation of...
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