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Februar 25, 2020

Enter.Mode - A Community of Practice on Entrepreneurial Skills

A major outcome of the EnterMode project is a Virtual Community of Practice that allows to widen views on entrepreneurship education, share good practice and build a common stock of knowledge based on practical experience with…

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Januar 13, 2020

The Erasmus Experience in Prague by Francesco Antonazzo

Dopo l'esperienza a Sofia 2 anni fa, durante la mia prima mobilità Erasmus con Unipegaso, ho deciso che ogni occasione come questa non poteva essere persa. Quindi, dopo alcune scartoffie e classifiche, ero di nuovo su…

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August 28, 2019

Entrepreneurial mindset and competences: Apprenticeship model

Since 2008, Europe has been suffering from the effects of the economic crisis. Most effected by the crisis, are SMEs that have not yet been able to return to their pre-crisis level (Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan).…

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August 11, 2019

PARTICIPATE: Participatory Model to Designing Learning Outcomes

There is no doubt that the society of the future will be a learning society. Citizens are required to constantly update their competences, not only with regard to the world of work but in an encompassing…

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August 07, 2019

Munich Workshop: Validation of Refugees' Prior Learning in Higher Education

VINCE is European funded project that aims at promoting validation of learning in higher education and provide support to HEI staff in order to validate migrants‘ and refugees‘ prior learning. VINCE so far has developed Country…

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Juli 03, 2019

Com ON – Unleash your potential for digital communication

It is almost impossible to imagine our world today without the thousands of images that reach us daily. From an advertising spot to ad on the street, or even a photo on Facebook or Instagram, audiovisual…

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Juni 08, 2019

Enter.Mode - An internship model for developing entrepreneurial skills

The Enter.Mode project aims to take European entrepreneurship education a big step further by developing and testing a state-of-the-art model to entrepreneurship education, that invites different levels of learning. It will stimulate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills…

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Juni 06, 2019

PeerCare - Peer learning on Emotional Intelligence for Informal Caregivers

A major policy and social challenge in the European Union is the ageing of the population, and the need to ensure quality Long Term Care for the increasing numbers of dependent young and older citizens. A…

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Juni 05, 2019

Cities of Learning

Pontydysgu’s Spanish organisation is part of the EU CONNECT project. Funded under the Erasmus Plus programme, the CONNECT project aims to leverage the impact of Learning Cities through building urban ecosystems of lifelong learning that harness…

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