The benefits of the use of digital technology for operations are enormous but also come with new and increased risks. There is a real threat to companies production security, safety and capacity, as well as data privacy, when companies connect to operational technology networks. InCyS 4.0 project (  offers free access materials to improve competences in cyber security for operational technicians in industrial companies.

Companies admit to being unprepared for the array of cyber threats now distinguishable. Operational technicians in industrial companies are not sufficiently aware of the threats nor do they have the competences to take adequate preventive security or response measures.

 InCyS 4.0 proposes the creation of an integrated training course for high level technicians (EQF level 5 and above) and operational workers who work or will work in industry, in critical infrastructures or in industrial production.

The course will focus on cyber threats, dangers and consequences in Industrial Systems and offers basic practical cyber security awareness training to prevent unnecessary exposure to risk and also basic capacity to protect against threats when detected.

 This project unites higher education institutions (Helenic Mediterranean University and Instituto Politécnico do Porto), a VET organization offering training for high level VET (Politeknika Txorierri), and a consultancy (IDEC). They all collaborate with industrial enterprises in their networks (especially SMEs).

The course is already available. It contains 3 main modules tackling the following issues: Industrial Components and Characteristics of Industrial Systems; Security Concepts in Industrial Environments and Integration of OT and IT; and C.I.A. in Industrial Environments (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability). There is also a Practical Cyber Security Guide for Operational Technicians. Come and join the free online course at