T4T is a project that aims to strengthen the ability of adult educators and training professionals to build and sustain effective group dynamics in digital education environments to better engage their online learners.

The COVID 19 pandemic and recent developments in instructional materials have created new challenges for educators and training leaders. Most of them have had to move quickly from face-to-face to online classrooms, where they have had to ensure the same level of learner interaction and participation. On the other hand, learners today do not want to be passive recipients of information, just reading long texts from websites or other digital resources. They expect and want lively interaction with both the trainer/tutor and their peers.

T4T objectives are:

  • Improve educators’ skills in the specifics of building and sustaining effective online group dynamics and ensure a high level of learner experience in the digital classroom by developing guidelines and a resource library on the topic.

  • Improve educators’ knowledge and skills to provide and maintain high levels of learner interaction and participation in digitally delivered lessons and sessions by creating an inter-active database of hands-on energizers, warm-up, and wrap-up activities appropriate for an online environment, as well as video resources showing how to easily apply them.

  • Create a network of education professionals and training providers in formal, non-formal and informal education.

  • Promote cross-sector and cross-country collaboration among partner countries and active-ly share experiences and lessons learned among education providers in the formal, non-formal, and informal sectors.

To learn about the project, check T4T website: https://digitaltools4teaching.eu/