We are looking for project coordinators and partners, will you be next? 

At the European Digital Learning Network, our team of project managers is specialising in working on European projects to boost digital learning and digital skills.

We are currently looking for 32 partners and coordinators who want to work on promising, high-impact projects. The main sectors we work with and for which we need new project coordinators and partners are Schools, Adult Education and VET, among others. 

If you think you could be a potential candidate, click on the link (https://bit.ly/34x0lVI) and look for the project that most appeals to you and best suits your skills. Then apply for it and collaborate with us!

We're waiting for you!! 

vendredi, 27 avril 2018 15:02

When you wish you could go back to college

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The objective of this article is to better understand the factors that affect the chances of re-engaging early school leavers in education, with a particular focus on the importance of time out from school (duration dependence) and school-related factors.
lundi, 21 novembre 2016 19:27

Using WIKIs for project management

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Transnational project management is a key feature of all European projects, comprising a range of more or less formalized tasks and activities, that shall allow for the smooth and efficient implementation of projects. Over the past years a broad range of methods and tools have been developed, with a view to support the day-to-day and strategic management of EU projects. The bulk of those however is dedicated to planning, monitoring, documentation of results and outcomes, accountancy and evaluation.