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Welcome to DISCUSS

Lifelong Learning means that learning should take place at all stages of life cycle and, embedded in all life contexts from the school to the workplace, the home and the community. The learning society therefore, is the vision of a society where there are recognized opportunities for learning for every person wherever they are and however old they should be. It is the continuous building of skills and knowledge during one's life that occurs through experienced lifetime.

DISCUSS brings together educators, researchers, project actors, stakeholders and learning activists, with a view to learn from each other, share good practice and make lifelong learning for all a reality.

derniers messages des membres.

ENTER - Empower NEETs for social enTrEpreneuRship

Istituto dei Sordi di Torino

In recent years, the share of young people not in education, employment, or training (NEETs) has shown a remarkable increase in many European countries, such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Bulgaria. The wide diffusion of NEETs represents an alarming social issue, as being NEET predisposes young people ...

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T4T | Digital Tools for Teaching

Sofia Mastrokoukou

T4T is a project that aims to strengthen the ability of adult educators and training professionals to build and sustain effective group dynamics in digital education environments to better engage their online learners. ...

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Participatory methods in adult learning


The COVID-19 crisis led to more and more people questioning their career. Especially for disadvantaged people who found themselves deprived from their main source of revenue. As a matter of fact, a bigger demand for training and education arose. It has been found that people coming from a disadvanta...

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A new toolkit for your VET organisation!

European Digital Learning Network

Would you like to learn new ways to support the digital transition in your VET organisation?   We are hosting on 13 April 2022 at 3 PM (CEST) a webinar during which we will tell you all about it and how the toolkit developed via our European project We R OPEN can help!   Discov...

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The Erasmus+ project MeLi: Media Literacy for Parents is coming to a successful end!

Emphasys Centre

Media literacy is the term referring to the acquisition of skills and competencies for the use of modern media of all types. Media literacy includes all these skills and competencies required to access, analyze, evaluate and create information in media, communicate with others, and behave in social ...

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EU project proposal coordinators & partners search

European Digital Learning Network

We are looking for project coordinators and partners, will you be next?  At the European Digital Learning Network, our team of project managers is specialising in working on European projects to boost digital learning and digital skills. We are currently looking for 32 partners and coordinato...

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FAVILLE - Enhancing the quality of facilitation in virtual learning environments

Zoe Batsi

Faville Project has successfully been concluded in November 2021 addressing effectively its aim, which was to enhance the quality standards of facilitation in virtual learning environments and to provide skills and competences that facilitators of virtual learning need to develop or improve. The par...

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Promoting creativity microbusiness through web tools in rural areas


The project Promoting creativity microbusiness though web tools in rural area (MicroHUB)  was created as a response to the current economic and social crisis caused by COVID - 19. Although the crisis has undoubtedly affected all areas, one of the sectors most affected has been craft and the art...

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What do you think about the future of Digital Education and Training in EU? – edition 2021

European Digital Learning Network

  The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – is a non-profit association aiming to embrace the challenges brought by the digital transformation in terms of digital skills mismatch and digital learning opportunities. The 47% of Europeans is not properly digitally skilled, y...

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Matchmaking between digital competences gap of adult educators and e-learning offer


In a fast changing world, where digital technologies are becoming an important driver for the disruption of education, the need for capacity building of adult educators in digital skills become apparent. A large number of course providers now offer online trainings for educators, who want to upgrade...

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European research: barriers to employment of persons with disabilities

European Digital Learning Network

The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – is a non-profit association aiming to embrace the challenges brought by the digital transformation in terms of digital skills mismatch and digital learning opportunities. The 47% of Europeans is not properly digitally skilled, yet in the near future, ...

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Smart Communities 2.0 - How to be smart in the countryside?


Today’s global trends have brought new challenges to all communities, regardless of the size, geographical location, or position within the settlement hierarchy. This is especially true for rural cities and small settlements at the level of local society and economy, as well as at the level of indiv...

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