Supporting schools on tackling Vocational Training and Education Dropout

The aim of the SAVED project is to tackle school dropout through the application of risk detector tools and, building the professional and organisational capacities necessary to deal with school dropout and absenteeism.

To effectively tackle dropout a range of tools were developed (transfered), such as a risk detector, which is an interactive electronic tool designed for counsellors to identify individuals at risk of school failure and dropping out. The technique is designed to evaluate students’ strengths and weaknesses that are considered important in the learning environment to assess not only the risk of school failure but also what type of support is most suitable for different groups of students.

Secondly, an interview method for counsellors had been designed to systematically assist at-risk individuals to examine their strengths and weaknesses and learning environment so they can define their needs in order to better fulfil their educational and personal goals.

In addition the partnership developed an online tool, which can be used by schools and VET institutes in order to generate institutional profiles, showing the organisational capacities available to deal with dropout phenomena (and needs for improvement).

Last but not least, a strategic approach was developed to foster cooperation inside of a flexible Prevention and Support System (FPSS) between stakeholders/relevant bodies such as educational and training institutions, family, employment services, public administration: police, social services other bodies from educational and training system by using ICT.

SAVED is based on the results of the predecessor project "Stop Dropout!" to 5 partner countries (RO, UK, BG, GR, TR). "Stop dropout!" by the Austrian National Agency for Lifelong Learning has been awarded for best-practice in the product category.

Programme: EU Lifelong Learning Program
Implementation period: 2013 - 2015
Promoter: The Scientific Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection, Romania
Website: SAVED

(source: project information Stop Dropout | Saved)