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DISCUSS è una piattaforma web per il dialogo, lo scambio e la collaborazione online tra professionisti, studenti, ricercatori ed esperti in materia di apprendimento permanente.

Condivisione della conoscenza

Condividere le lezioni apprese e le buone pratiche da progetti di apprendimento permanente.


Collegamento tra progetti al fine di sviluppare più prospettive su problemi e problemi dell'apprendimento permanente.


Connettiti con professionisti, esperti, ricercatori e parti interessate dell'apprendimento permanente.

Strumenti di diffusione

Aumentare la visibilità, la pertinenza e l'impatto dei risultati del progetto.


Discussioni di gruppo, condivisione dei documenti, strumenti per la gestione dei progetti e la comunicazione di gruppo.


Spazi di apprendimento: media library, interfacce per insegnanti e studenti, sistema di gestione dell'apprendimento.

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I post degli utenti più recenti

Gennaio 29, 2018

Multilingual strategies and tools for teachers to promote an inclusive education

Linguistic adaptation is a central theme in the different stages of education, but especially in secondary education and initial vocational training. Improving the linguistic adaptation process of immigrant students can contribute to improving not only academic…

2108 hits

Dicembre 27, 2017

DQ-SKILLS for Digital Citizenship

In the last decades we have seen a transformation of our reality, each day more and more influenced and linked to the digital world. No one doubts that we are experiencing a profound change that, supported…

2291 hits

Giugno 09, 2017

Corporate Volunteering: The prototype of the CVPLUS Platform is now available

The CV Plus project aims to build a bridge between the world of business and education through Corporate Volunteering initiatives. It was designed to train managers from companies and educational centers, employees and teachers, in the…

4294 hits

Maggio 04, 2017

Designing the learning process: the translation of needs into learning results

One of the priorities of ET2020 is the professional development of staff working in the adult education sector, with a view to improve the quality and efficiency of adult learning. Following this priority in 2010 a…

4995 hits

Aprile 11, 2017

Let’s DEMAL! How to develop specific competences for adult learning with a digital app

Starting from the Education and Training 2020 strategy whose objective is the improvement of quality and efficiency in education and training among professional staffs, five organizations with valuable experience in the field of adult education from…

10596 hits

Marzo 01, 2017

European-wide expert survey reveals lack of policy reforms towards establishing lifelong learning

SIM Europe's most recent european-wide expert survey reveals lack of reform towards establishing lifelong learning in several EU countries. According to the experts, in ten countries, no reforms have been undertaken aimed at improving financial or…

5113 hits

Febbraio 28, 2017

EAEA Grundtvig Award 2017 | Engaging new learners

This year, the EAEA Grundtvig Award will be given to a project successful in engaging new groups of learners. One of the key challenges in adult education is often described as the “Matthew effect” – those…

5109 hits

Febbraio 21, 2017

InnoVal | Innovative and reliable methods for assessing informal and non-formal learning outcomes

InnoVal aims at identifying innovative and reliable assessment methods that can allow all learners to have a chance at validation, with a special focus on the needs of disadvantaged groups such as refugees and early school…

5493 hits

Febbraio 14, 2017

European Digital City Index 2016 | Best EU Cities for Digital Entrepreneurs

The European Digital City Index 2016 (EDCi) describes how well different European cities support digital entrepreneurship. It aims to provide a holistic and local view of what matters to digital startups. According to the developers (Nesta),…

6039 hits

Febbraio 12, 2017

Walk & Talk | Prevention and Communication Training for Elderly aged 65+

The new 2 years Erasmus+ project Walk & Talk promotes non-formal learning of Europeans 65+, along with physical activities taking place outside the classroom. While the seniors are walking, they will learn about the interrelation between…

5287 hits

Novembre 30, 2016

PLENTIS - Play & Learn Entrepreneurial Skills in the Agricultural Sector

AGROPOLY is a new online game, a virtual place which reunites the fun of playing with games and usefulness of learning entrepreneurial skills and competences for students in the agricultural sector. Those who are planning to…

7678 hits

Novembre 29, 2016

Transform@: Game based learning course to boost digital transformation of rural commerce sector

Rural regions not only offer natural and healthy life! They can also provide opportunities to develop innovative and successful business ideas where e-commerce can play a decisive role, bringing services and products where before could not…

8008 hits

Novembre 21, 2016

Using WIKIs for project management

Transnational project management is a key feature of all European projects, comprising a range of more or less formalized tasks and activities, that shall allow for the smooth and efficient implementation of projects. Over the past…

19048 hits

Novembre 07, 2016

European Commission launched data sharing and visualization platform for European cities and regions

To help cities better address challenges such as Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees, Poverty, and to make the most out of EU funding opportunities, the European Commission has launched a new web portal during the European…

6215 hits

Novembre 02, 2016

Was kommt nach der hierarchischen Organisation?

Wenn Unternehmen "umstellen" auf Selbstorganisation, wenn schwerfällige Modelle von formaler Hierarchie durch autonome Netzwerk-Stukturen ersetzt werden sollen (Stichwort "holacracy"), dann folgen frustrierende Erfahrungen meist auf den Fuß.

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Settembre 22, 2016

Lifelong learning to ensure employability: Is this just a "dead letter"?

There are two objects taken as an exasperating and unavoidable duty by the vast majority of people outside my bubble: to study and to job. Therefore and amongst others, two vital and increasing societal movements alarm…

7590 hits

Settembre 19, 2016

VINCE | Validation for Inclusion of Refugees and Migrants in European Higher Education

The number of refugees and new migrants who reach Europe, escaping from wars or critical life conditions and looking for new life opportunities, has increased dramatically in recent years and is likely to continue growing in…

8261 hits

Settembre 06, 2016

Serious Game as a Learning Tool for Entrepreneurial Skills

Erasmus + project SG4Adults developed a serious game to learn entrepreneurial skills: BIZ-E-BEE. In the Netherlands the game has been tested with students at a bachelor's degree Social Work because entrepreneurship is a relevant topic for…

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