Skills and competencies of volunteers in elderly care...

Randolph Discussion started by Randolph 5 years ago
Hi Ciprian, Georgiana,

the CICERON project investigated 50+ citizens' motivations for volunteering, and the skills and competences they acquire or consolidate through volunteering.

Some years ago we conducted a LLL project (MAFF: Making social agencies fit for the future), which raised a set of questions complementary to those put by you. Those questions were:

  1. Which concrete expectations do elderly people have about the work of volunteers, compared with what they expect from professionals?
  2. Which specific skills and competencies do elderly people attribute to volunteers?
  3. What is the link between volunteers, professionals and environment?
Will upload some materials produced in the MAFF project, which might be of interest for your  work.
Randolph The second document describes the card game "the winding path", which has been developed in the above mentioned project. The game was designed to support the collaboration among volunteers and professionals in elderly care. 5 years ago

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