The ACT project (Agricultural Alliance for Competence and Skills based Training) focuses on the development the reference framework “Pathways for Agricultural Competence and skills based Training (PACT)”. It will contribute to making definitions of competences reusable and accessible across learning and recruitment systems, thus facilitating the development of additional services related to the generation of personal profiles, achieved learning outcomes and competences.

The PACT Framework - matching emerging job profiles and existing training opportunities - will be a valuable approach to linking of training opportunities and units of training to learning outcomes, the expression of job profiles through the use of competence descriptions and the generation of personal profiles of achieved learning outcomes and competences; folder Developing skills and transversal key competences, bridging the world of work



The project ECVET for Permeability and Transferability between the Non-Formal and Formal VET System (ECVET PERMIT) aims to implement the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) methodology in the curricula of VET study programmes within the non-formal and formal VET system, at national and EU level, in an effort to increase the permeability and transferability of the learning outcomes achieved within different learning contexts.

Specifically, the project aims to apply the ECVET methodology for describing, assessing and validating learning outcomes in the VET study programmes of three non-formal technical specializations: plumber, automotive mechanic and electrician, in order to test the transferability of credits from the non-formal to the formal VET system, firstly within the national boarders and secondly on a European level.