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Lifelong Learning means that learning should take place at all stages of life cycle and, embedded in all life contexts from the school to the workplace, the home and the community. The learning society therefore, is the vision of a society where there are recognized opportunities for learning for every person wherever they are and however old they should be. It is the continuous building of skills and knowledge during one's life that occurs through experienced lifetime.

DISCUSS brings together educators, researchers, project actors, stakeholders and learning activists, with a view to learn from each other, share good practice and make lifelong learning for all a reality.

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European research: barriers to employment of persons with disabilities

European Digital Learning Network

The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – is a non-profit association aiming to embrace the challenges brought by the digital transformation in terms of digital skills mismatch and digital learning opportunities. The 47% of Europeans is not properly digitally skilled, yet in the near future, ...

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Smart Communities 2.0 - How to be smart in the countryside?


Today’s global trends have brought new challenges to all communities, regardless of the size, geographical location, or position within the settlement hierarchy. This is especially true for rural cities and small settlements at the level of local society and economy, as well as at the level of indiv...

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Promoting innovative approaches and developing entrepreneurial skills among university students by creating favourable conditions for graduate employability in Central Asia

Natasa Urbancikova

  The project "Promoting innovative approaches and developing entrepreneurial skills among university students by creating favourable conditions for graduate employability in Central Asia (TRIGGER)" aims to support higher education in three Central Asian countries, namely Kazakhstan, Tajikista...

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Be an INSPIRER - Build a culture of learning and cooperation!


  We live in an era when a very specific phenomenon is occuring. People from the so-called Baby Boomer generation (or post-war generation) are still actively participating in the labor market and at same time Generation Y is already reaching its most productive age. Thus, up to four generation...

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SEE FIRST: Seeking first job equipped with proper soft skills


  The financial crisis of the last decade, along with the current COVID-19 pandemic have turned job find to a challenging riddle by constantly creating new obstacles. At the same, the ever increasing qualification of the candidates, generates high competition that demands, especially from the ...

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CRITICAL - Active Learning for critical thinking and digital safety and inclusion

Luis Gómez Martinena

  The present connected society is full of promises but the online world also brings dangers related to cyberbullying, social exclusion, fraud, false information, and many other potential problems. In general population is aware of these risks, as outlined but a recent study from European Parl...

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RE-ACT – Self-reflection tools for smart Universities acting regionally

Natasa Urbancikova

To bring Europe back to growth and higher levels of employment, Europe needs more entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a key competence – powerful driver – to increase the competitiveness and economic growth of EU economies. A number of tools have been created to support the development of an entrepre...

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INCOBOTICS - Ready for Industry 5.0


The INCOBOTICS: Ready for Industry 5.0 project (2019-2021) unites four EU partners from France, Italy, Greece and Spain in the development of innovative didactic materials in cobotics. ...

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ASTRE - Sistema automatico per il monitoraggio degli e-Learners

ida caruccio

ASTRE (Automatic System for Tracking E-Learners) è un progetto finanziato dalla Commissione Europea nell'ambito del programma Erasmus + KEY Action 2, avviato da 6 partner provenienti da Spagna, Germania, Grecia, Cipro e Italia, inclusa l'Associazione Europea dei Coordinatori Erasmus in al fine di af...

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Tracking VET graduates - On Track methodology


The tracking of graduates from vocational education and training has recently become a policy priority in European Union. New skills agenda for Europe (2016) emphasized the need for EU member states to have a better understanding of performance of graduates. Similarly, the Council Recommendation on ...

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La valutazione della qualità nell’e-learning

ida caruccio

Con le recenti disposizioni inerenti la chiusura di attività produttive, uffici, università e scuole, formazione a distanza - nota anche come apprendimento online, apprendimento digitale o e-learning - è divenuto passato un metodo comune per seguire corsi e rafforzare le competenze a ogni livello ...

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URBES: Urban Regeneration and Best Energy Saving for our Cities

ida caruccio

Pegaso Online University has created the School of Urban and Environmental Regeneration, with the aim of training professionals in the field of planning and management actions related to the intervention on the city, the environment and the territory, with particular attention to the issues of susta...

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