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  • Andrea Spila

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  • Anne-Christin Tannhäuser

    About me: I am a consultant for innovation in education with the following specialisations:
    - Communication and dissemination of your...

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  • Chris

    Country: Greece

    Location: Greece ( )

    Interests: Bridging the Worlds of Education and Work, E-Learning

    City: Athens

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  • Elena Kassow

    About me: Mentor

    Country: Germany

    Interests: Basic skills and Key Competences, Bridging the Worlds of Education and Work,...

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  • g8way project

    Project Title: g8way - enhanced gateway to educational transition

    About the Project: the g8way project developed web 2.0 tools, which...

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    Georgiana Giba

    31 Friends
  • Jack Seaberry

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  • Jaione Santos Miguel

    About me: Degree on Political Science and Sociology, Master in European Integration and Interinstitutional Relations, and Expert on...

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  • Marga

    Country: Germany

    Interests: Creativity and Innovation

    City: somehting

    7 Friends
  • Mihaela Tabacaru

    Type of Organisation: Business

    About us:

    Country: Norway

    Thematic Areas: Basic skills and Key Competences, Bridging the...

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