Team of Art is a project that aims to make culture and art accessible. The idea behind the project is to create an online platform that accompanies these audiences to discover works of art through a scripted presentation, in the form of a linear narrative, with a level of language that is easy to read and understand.

This makes it possible to recreate a museum experience, using digital devices and resources adapted to make the artworks accessible to all those disadvantaged audiences such as people with reading difficulties, people with DYS, people with learning disabilities, people with visual, hearing, or intellectual disabilities, who are often not included.

 Team of Art project aims to:

  • Encourage innovative forms of cultural mediation and training using digital tools.
  • Implement a narrative and visual approach in the presentation of artworks for learners with little or no qualifications and special needs.
  • Making European cultural heritage accessible and usable by all by promoting culture and artistic heritage


Team of Art project achieves these goals through the use of innovative digital approaches and the creation of various pedagogical materials, such as:

  • 120 animated and scrolled artworks written in a plain language in order to be comprehensible from all visitors despite their age, culture, background.
  • Create different intellectual materials, such as practical sheets, pedagogical dossier and pedagogical guides created around transversal artistic themes for a cross-sectional approach and knowledge.
  • Create the first multilingual, easy-to-read/understand, iconic and sign language glossary dedicated to artistic vocabulary for audiences with little or no qualifications and/or learning disabilities and difficulties.


To learn about the project, check Team of Art website: