kahoot in education

Kahoot! is a web-based game created to add fun in a students assessment. Kahoot Quiz is a web-based quiz that is prepared by a teacher, consisting of multiple choice questions. The students - gamers assess the game from any electronic device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone), through a game PIN, using nicknames. The game is played on real time. For each question, the gamers have to select the right answer. The score is calculated automaticaly taking into account, the right replies and the time needed to reply for each gamer. At the end of the quiz, the winners are announced. We have tested the kahoot game in the final seminar of the Qual4T project. It was fun, engaging and stimulating. The game can be used also as an ice-breaking activity in a workshop/seminar or as a short break between lectures.

A tool in reality: Game - KaHoot!

A kahoot Quiz was prepared in the internet. Questions were related to the project and some general knowledge on Europe or European Countries. The Participants were asked to login for the Quiz and received a password. Overall the quiz contained five questions to make sure that it is not too long and time consuming. After the conduction of the Quiz, the participants received some general information on how the quiz works. The Quiz produced a nice atmosphere between participants and activated them.

Sorry, no pictures of this activity! We were all too busy playing the game!