intercultural learning award

EILEEN stands for Enhancing Intercultural Learning in European Enterprises. EILEEN is a 2-year project funded by ERASMUS+, which seeks to promote intercultural competences and a welcome culture in enterprises. The EU is making significant efforts to eliminate the barriers to labour mobility. However, most of the enterprises in European countries do not necessarily have the essential intercultural know-how for receiving employers with a different cultural background. At the same time, often the foreign employees are not ready to face the challenge of working in a different country, and encounter difficulties in identifying the new cultural paradigms, accepting the differences and acquiring cultural knowledge.

Given this context, the EILEEN project team will develop training modules on intercultural topics both for multipliers in European enterprises and for young people that are ready to do an internship abroad. Both groups will be trained on how to cope with cultural diversity at the workplace. After the preparatory training, the young people will do an internship in one of the participating enterprises. The competences (e.g. intercultural, entrepreneurial and mentoring competences) acquired by both groups will be validated and documented through the innovative LEVEL5 methodology developed by the network REVEAL (, aimed to promote, visualise and validate informal and non-formal learning.

The EILEEN team is looking for projects or initiatives that promote the development of intercultural competences in an innovative way and include practical cases or at least ideas on how learning outcomes within this specific competence area can be assessed and evidenced. If you have a project that complies with this motto and includes also practical cases or ideas on how learning outcomes and competence developments can be assessed and evidenced – then this is your chance to win a trip to Athens.

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Programme: Erasmus+
Implementation period: 2014 - 2016
Promoter: BUPNET GmbH, Germany
Website:  Eileen