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Are you passionate about education that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional teaching?

Our freely available 5P Competences Moodle Course will guide you through how to incorporate elements of sustainability into your classroom. It provides lots of useful examples and access to a forum to engage with fellow educators and students worldwide!

Education for sustainable development not only enhances knowledge but also promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and it empowers individuals to become informed and responsible citizens, fostering a sense of environmental consciousness, social equity, and economic sustainability.

Enrol in the 5P Competences course today and learn how equip your students with the skills and mindset needed to work towards a more sustainable future! 🌎♻️

Would you like to find out more about the ESD Competence Framework?

We are proud to announce that the ESD Competence Framework course, developed as part of the 5P-Competences project, is now online. The course is available at the following link
in the following languages:

- English
- Romanian
- Spanish
- Greek
- German

Have fun testing an learning about the ESD Competency Framework!

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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has never been more relevant. In the wake of the green transition and with ever pressing climate change threats, our collective knowledge on sustainability is key in securing our future.

One interesting initiative that is helping to promote ESD is the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

As part of the UNESCO Lifelong Learning Festival, learning cities will be sharing their strategic approaches for promoting education for sustainable development among different groups of learners and showcasing how they promote transformative actions among individual learners.

Are you interested in hearing more?
Join the UNESCO online event "Fostering sustainable and green communities through lifelong learning for all" 30 October 2023 12-2pm. CET.…

Interested in sharing your knowledge on sustainability?
Check out the FREE 5P Competences resources here:

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Sustainability Skills in Adult Education. Building a Competency Framework.
The research report "5P Conceptual Framework of Reference" encompasses the key ideas, concepts and theories as well as the research process adopted towards building the 5P Competency Framework.