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Development, sharing and critical reflection of entrepreneurship practice.


Attention ESD enthusiasts, teachers and trainers:
Are you already familiar with the ESD-Competency-Framework for adult education?

It was developed in the "5P Competences" project and can now be used for free by all interested persons, e.g. in their function as trainers.

You can find more information on the ESD competency framework and exciting contributions on the topic of ESD/adult education in the "5P - Sustainability Competences in Adult Education" group:

Come in and join the group!

5P - Sustainability Competences in Adult Education Gruppe Willkommen zur Gruppenseite von 5P - Sustainability Competences in Adult Education. Werde Mitglied bei DISCUSS - Community of Practice on Lifelong Learning damit Du Dich… www.discuss-community.eu/de/community/groups/viewgroup/87-sustainability-competences-in-adult-education.html

Dear all,

do you know of, or have experience with internships that are specifically dedicated to sustainability skills? If so, I warmly invite you to share your knowledge / experience in our newly founded group:



5P - Sustainability Competences in Adult Education Group Welcome to the 5P - Sustainability Competences in Adult Education group page. Join DISCUSS - Community of Practice on Lifelong Learning now to start participating… www.discuss-community.eu/community/groups/viewgroup/87-sustainability-competences-in-adult-education.html
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TRIGGER -Triggering innovative approaches and entrepreneurial skills for students through creating conditions for graduate’s employability in Central Asia.

TRIGGER is a multi-country project focusing on three countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan), which have witnessed important changes during the past decade. TRIGGER project is focused on two main factors. The first is the Human Resources development and the second is the strength of labour markets. TRIGGER project aims to contribute to economic growth in Central Asia countries in order to create positive conditions for better employability of university graduates. The TRIGGER objectives is to support HEI preparedness for future challenges especially related to the entrepreneurial and innovative nature of their HE environment, and to enhance Entrepreneurship Education and competences development at partner country HEIs. TRIGGER also intends to establish the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Services at...
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TRIGGER TerSU students are project winners TerSU students got a chance to finance their small projects through "ImkonLab" - a project of social entrepreneurship and innovation,… www.trigger-project.com/)


New Video

Colleagues from Pegaso University jointly with interns discuss the outcomes of international internships, which took place in the framework of the European project EnterMode.

Developing entrepreneurial competences through...

The participants jointly with interns discuss the outcomes of international internships, that took place in the framework of the European project EnterMode.


New video:

My Virtual Internship - Business student Angeliki Papaemmanouil talks about her internship at Business Development Friesland, Netherlands.


Nynke de Jager It was a pleasure "hosting" Angeliki! I agree that remote internships have challenges, but I also agree that this type of internships offer opportunities. Angeliki was able to fulfil and exceed our expectations, her contribution was very valuable. Having Angeliki as an intern, made us also more aware of the opportunities of remote internships and we are now much more open for considering this type of internship than before. 3 years ago

Entrepreneurial Education Strengthening Resilience, Societal Change and Sustainability
Entrepreneurship education equips learners with competencies to manage the challenging circumstances inherent in entrepreneurial activity. One such competency is resilience, the capacity to address, adapt to, and overcome adversity, uncertainty, and change.

The recent occurrence of many different adversities – financial, environmental, migration crises and current pandemic crises – has strongly affected the economically active part of the countries and regions – business sector and entrepreneurs. Countries and regions are not prepared for prompt response; the adequate measures are missing. To build a resilient and sustainable community, it is important that all the regional key players, entrepreneurs among others, have sufficient knowledge and skills on crises and instability management which can limit the potential threat and impact of some disasters.

Therefore, Erasmus+ project ReFace –“Regions facing...
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The Project - ReFace The Erasmus+ project "ReFace - Regions facing shocks: building resilient community" aims to improve regional adaptability and resilience by providing innovative ways of learning and… reface-project.eu/the-project/


FAVILLE: Facilitators of virtual learning aims to enhance the quality standards of facilitation in virtual learning environments and to provide skills and competences that facilitators of virtual learning need to develop or improve their activity.

EXPECTED RESULTS, currently in piloting:
*Modular e-learning program for virtual learning facilitators
*A digital application that, in addition to describing individual facilitation methods and examples of their use, also offers an easy-to-use function to select appropriate methods according to the parameters (eg profile, course subject, number of students in the learning group, type of problem, etc.)
*A framework for validating skills and competences for obtaining professional qualifications for those facilitators who have acquired their skills, knowledge and competences outside the formal learning process in non-formal and informal learning.

We would like to invite you to assess your skills and...
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Episode 10: Virtual Internships Abroad by BeyoND...

BeyoND Study Abroad is back!! Join us in this episode to hear what NDI was up to over winter break with our virtual Global Professional Experience (vGPE). We hear from two students, Andreas Vlahos and Stella Cho who both participated in the vGPE program and had the opportunity to virtually intern at Xiaomei in China and Cooper Hospital in India.


Watch the brandnew webinar on virtual internships, conducted by Pegaso Univ. Naples.

Our colleagues Eugenio d' Angelo and Ida Caruccio in this video present findings from literature review and good practice identified in the course of virtual internships carried out in the course of the EnterMode project.

How to make the most from virtual traineeships

Enhancing strengths and limiting weaknesses of virtual internships.Webinar conducted by Pegaso University, Naples, in the course of the European EnterMode pr...

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30 marzo 2021.L’Università Telematica Pegaso ha promosso un webinar sul tema del tirocinio realizzato in modalità a distanza (Virtual Internship).
Nel corso del webinar sono stati affrontati i temi sulla pianificazione, sulla gestione, sulle ricadute del tirocinio virtuale. Gli studenti che hanno partecipato alla sperimentazione pilota del progetto ENTER.MODE “Internship Model for Developing of Entrepreneurial skills Higher Education Students (Codice progetto: 601125 EPP-1-2018-1-SK-EPPKA2-KA) hanno offerto i loro preziosi spunti esperienziali. Si ringraziano i numerosi docenti, il personale degli uffici erasmus, tirocinio, comunicazione, progetti dell'università nonchè le imprese e gli studenti che hanno arricchito l'evento.

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I think a mixed team delivers the best performance because you can learn from each other's experience and because such a varied input is created without everyone having to acquire all the experiences themselves. Mixed as in gender, age, background, schooling etc


This experience has just come to an end and we can say we enjoyed it so much!! The virtual internship of the Enter Mode project lasted one month with brilliant results! Patricia Ciefova from TUKE university in Kosice, Slovakia had her internship in Eurocrea Merchant, from Milan, Italy. A success story of virtual cooperation between Higher Education Institutes and companies.

My Virtual Internship - Patrícia Čiefová

This expercience has just come to an end and we can say we enjoyed it so much!! The virtual interniship of Enter Mode project lasted one month with brilliant...

Paul Really interesting virtual internship model. Thanks for sharing. 3 years ago


If you could not join us for our recent webinar "The Entrepreneurial Employee - An EntreComp Europe Open Space webinar" with Martin Lackéus and led by the EntreComp Europe Practice Pillar on Employability and Enterprise, we have got some good news for you.
The EntreComp Europe Webinar is now available to watch online. Join Martin Lackéus of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, one of the authors of The Entrepreneurial Employee to discover more about how and why you should use EntreComp and entrepreneurship in the workplace.

The Entrepreneurial Employee is a webinar presented by the EntreComp Europe project, where Martin Lackéus will present an overview of overview of what entrepreneurial employees do, why such behaviours are needed and how any employee can become more entrepreneurial. This is drawn from the recent EU report ‘The entrepreneurial employee in public and private sector – What, Why, How’ published by the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

EntreComp Europe Webinar The Entrepreneurial...

If you couldn't join us for our recent webinar "The Entrepreneurial Employee - An EntreComp Europe Open Space webinar" with Martin Lackéus and led by the Ent...

I agree with you Iris! An intern could feel like he/she can bring up more easily certain ideas if it is a start up project still in the developmental phase. It is sort of a brainstorm session, so any idea might help enrich the new project. On the contrary, I feel like there's a lot more to learn in cases of well-established working practices: of course some ideas can be brought up also in this case but it wouldn't be the first thing to do, compared to trying to learn as much as possible.

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Serious gaming

Serious gaming companies should borrow more fun concepts from casual gaming in order to make the concepts they want to emphasize more interesting. Serious gaming is a good learning tool but it sometimes needs more fun elements to attract more users especially young people. The learning concepts can be combined with more fun concepts from traditional video games. Thus more people will use them and the learning experience will be enhanced. What do you think?

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