Digital tools for teaching

Digital tools for teaching

T4T aims to strengthen the ability of adult educators and training professionals.

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Dead Storytellers Society: What is all about?

This document demonstrates how teamwork, creativity, digital tools, and stories can create something from nothing.

During three intense days in the LTTA of the project "Digital Tools For Teaching (T4T)" in #Athens, the participants had to get out of their comfort zones, expose themselves, make each other feel safe, and collaborate to produce this deliverable; a Virtual Multimedia Exhibition called "Dead Storytellers Society".

The participants got familiarized with automatic writing, 6-part-making stories, and digital tools like Canva which helped them to digitalize their efforts.

Let's see what they have accomplished!…

PS. Feel free to join our soceity!

DomSpain - Spain
VIOne - The Netherlands
Edukaciniai Projektai - Lithuania
Artied - Art Inspired Education - Bulgaria
Społeczna Akademia Nauk - Poland

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22 Free Tech Tools For Teachers

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